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Human trafficking remains a critical global issue, wreaking havoc on lives and communities around the world. However, the effectiveness of traditional fundraising methods to combat this menace is limited in terms of both reach and sustainability.

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Confronting human trafficking requires fresh and imaginative approaches, as the conventional fundraising methods often encounter constraints in reaching broader audiences and ensuring long-term support.

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To address the widespread impact of human trafficking, an innovative and engaging approach is essential—one that can mobilize a vast network of individuals and sponsors, actively involving them in the fight against this heinous crime.

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To harness the passion for cycling and transform it into a powerful force against human trafficking. By turning every mile cycled into a financial contribution towards this cause, we empower cyclists to make a tangible impact simply by doing what they love. Our vision is to foster a strong, globally connected community that is not just passionate about cycling but also committed to making a difference. By uniting cyclists, sponsors, and anti-human trafficking organizations, we aspire to create a world where every mile matters and brings us closer to ending human trafficking.



By supporting Velofree, you ensure that every cent raised by our dedicated cyclists directly funds critical rescue and restoration efforts for victims. Your donation is pivotal in covering essential administrative and operational costs, such as marketing, community outreach, and nurturing partner relationships. This unique model guarantees that our cyclists' efforts are wholly devoted to making a real difference. Consider becoming a part of this transformative cause with a one-time tax-deductible gift or by stepping up as a monthly Freedom Champion. 


Are you ready to transform your cycling passion into a powerful force for change? As a Velofree Cyclist, you can make every pedal count towards rescuing and restoring victims of human trafficking. It's simple, impactful, and ties your love for cycling to a profound cause. Click the link below to start your journey as a Velofree Cyclist. Make every mile matter and join a community of cyclists who are pedaling towards a world free from human trafficking. Your ride has the power to change lives – let's get rolling!


We are a global initiative headquartered in South Florida, dedicated to eradicating human trafficking. Through our unique mobile application platform, we empower cyclists to raise funds and awareness for this critical cause. Our focus is not only on raising funds but also on creating a global community dedicated to making a positive impact.

Hope Ride for Freedom
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