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At Velofree, our mission is clear: to use our love for cycling to fight human trafficking. We ensure that 100% of the funds from cyclist sponsorships go directly to organizations working on the front lines to rescue and restore victims of human trafficking. Your donations are crucial, as they cover our operational and administrative costs, allowing us to dedicate all sponsorship money to this vital cause. By supporting Velofree, you're helping to make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by trafficking. Join us in this effort; your contribution matters in bringing hope and change.

  • What is Velofree?
    Velofree is a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking by leveraging the power of the cycling community. Our mission is to raise awareness, fund anti-trafficking projects, and unite cyclists around the globe in the cause against human trafficking.
  • How do I raise money through cycling?
    Once you connect your fitness app to TriFundit, the platform tracks your cycling activities. Supporters can pledge to donate a certain amount per mile you complete. This encourages consistent athletic engagement and generates ongoing support to fight human trafficking.
  • What is TriFundit?
    TriFundit is a crowdfunding platform designed for fitness minded people to raise money for their chosen causes through their regular training and exercise activities. By integrating with popular fitness apps, athletes can generate donations based on the miles they complete.
  • Which fitness apps are compatible with TriFundit?
    Currently, TriFundit is compatible with Strava. We are constantly working to expand our list of compatible apps to include other major fitness apps such as Apple Fitness, Fitbit, Garmin, and Peloton. However, all major wearable devices and fitness apps are able to be connected to Strava.
  • How do donations to Velofree support the fight against human trafficking?
    Donations to Velofree are crucial for underwriting and supporting our operational and administrative financial needs. This strategic use of funds ensures that 100% of everything raised by our cyclists goes directly toward boots-on-the-ground operations focused on rescuing, restoring, and reintegrating victims of human trafficking. Your contributions help maintain the backbone of our organization, allowing us to channel all event proceeds and fundraising efforts into tangible actions against human trafficking.
  • Can businesses or organizations partner with Velofree?
    Absolutely! We welcome partnerships with businesses and organizations that share our commitment to ending human trafficking. Partners can support us through sponsorships, co-hosted events, and awareness initiatives. Please contact us to discuss how we can work together.
  • How does Velofree ensure the effectiveness of its efforts?
    Velofree is committed to transparency and impact. We closely monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our projects and partnerships to ensure that our efforts and resources are making a real difference in the fight against human trafficking. We share updates and outcomes with our community through reports and newsletters.


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